Abstract guidelines

General instructions

Please find hereafter some guidelines for completing the Word document. Some clarifications are included below. Please do not change the template styles.

Author section

The authors should be listed as shown, i.e. initials of first name, followed by last name. The presenting author should be underlined. When authors from various different laboratories contribute, the affiliation of each authors should be indicated using an Arabic number (1, 2, ...), each number appearing in front of the address details.

Address section

No details should be given beyond the name of the unit and/or department, university name and city and (if foreign, also country). Specific address details will be available from the list of attendees at the end of the symposium booklet.

Abstract section

For oral communications, the abstract is limited to one page, with 1.15 line spacing. If necessary, the line spacing of the abstract section can be reduced to 1, to accommodate a more lengthy abstract. Note however that under no condition abstracts longer than one page can be accepted. The abstract may contain a figure if necessary.


References can be included in the text and listed after the abstract. Preferably, references should be limited (more references means less space for your abstract), and refer to either published work from the group itself, or general references / reviews, allowing the interested but non-specialist NMR reader to dig into the subject matter.


You may include a figure to illustrate the abstract if you wish to do so.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Download the YBMRS abstract template here.